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This 5 session foundational program is designed for those that want a comprehensive overview of different breathing exercises and meditations, traditional yoga postures tailored to your body, benefits of the postures practiced, and why and how you can turn this practice into a life long journey!

Brand new to yoga?

Don’t know where to begin?

Wanting to gain more flexibility, strength, balance, and stability?
Feel lost and maybe even intimidated in a yoga class?

What are these silly pose names?
Am I doing this ‘right’?


If you answered yes to any or all of these questions then this for YOU.


Yoga is for every BODY, but wouldn’t it feel nice to have some kind of clue of what you’re stepping into for a yoga class?


I know what you’re thinking - I’ll just take a beginner yoga class. Yes, that’s great! I’m never going to steer anyone away from taking a community yoga class and after these 5 sessions I hope you feel even more ready and excited about your new Yoga journey.

Personalized & Made For YOU


1.   I’m not a beginner, could I still participate in this program?

A. Yes, of course! Whether you’re new to the mat or have been practicing for a while, it’s always a great choice to go back to the basics. Every package is truly personalized and tailored for each individual Rose works with.

2.   I only want 2-3 sessions, do I have to take all 5?

A.  You don’t have to take all 5, but Rose has curated this program to be 5 full sessions for a reason - each session Rose introduces a new breathing exercise, postural practice, and meditation. This fixed price also includes all 5 sessions, so it is highly recommended that you take all 5 sessions.

3.   What if I want more than 5 sessions?

A.   Amazing! Rose loves private yoga sessions. There is something truly magical about working 1:1. When the time comes, you and Rose can figure out the next best step for you and your yoga journey.

4.   I know this is supposed to be private sessions, but I want to do this with a friend, spouse, child, etc. is this something we can do?

A.  Yes! Rose will cap out these private/semi-private sessions at 3 people max. These 5 sessions are curated to be 100% personalized and 2-3 people max still allows Rose to give you all the individual cues and adjustments needed.

5.   Do I have to pay in full or do you offer payment plans?

A.  Rose is offering this program at a discounted rate for you. When fully investing ($350) by the first session you save 75 dollars! If you rather pay by the session it is $85 per session.

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